The Young Photographers Program was launched during spring semester 2012. The program's artist-in-residence was RISD faculty member Jo Sittenfeld assisted by two RISD Photography majors Rachel Jump and Lenore McCarthy. The program was designed as a 10-week after-school program at the Charles E. Shea Senior High School in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The Shea students were each provided with digital cameras and asked to document, through series of photographs, their interests and lives. For the final showcase of the teens' work at RISD's Chace Center auditorium, Jo Sittenfeld produced a compilation of each student's portfolio of images, which was then introduced by her own photographic portrait of the student and accompanied by a brief audio track in which the Shea student provides a context to her/his work.


During 10-week digital video workshop led by interdisciplinary artist Emma Hogarth, a small group of high school students explored the visual language and expressive possibilities of video art. After completing a series of exercises that addressed the technical, conceptual and visual elements of the medium, the residency culminated in the production of a final video work, in which each teen artist explored their own "story."