Design Connections

Design Connections, a weekly after-school program, took place on RISD's campus and was a partnership initiative established between Project Open Door and the William M. Davies, Jr. Career & Technical High School in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Design Connections provided Davies students with opportunities to develop their creative thinking and problem solving skills. Central to the Design Connections program was our belief that the Davies teens benefited from their participation in a design studio that took them to a learning opportunity beyond their school walls and beyond the schedule of normal daily instruction. Further, we believed that through encounters with Design Projects and the Design Process and through exchanges with professional designers-in-residence and college students, the Davies students would be in a position see a connection between Design and the subjects they were studying at school and, importantly, come to better understand the career opportunities that are open to young people who are creative problem solvers.

Lilyana's "Animal Care House"

Emily's "Fantasy Fun Fairy Pack"

Karly's "Doctor Silly Science Lab"

Kaylee's "Commander Chair"

 Maria's "Ghost Hunting Mystery Machine"

Styles' "Pokémon® Jeep Explorer"