Summer Studio 2018 | Design | Playful Connections 2

Summer 2018 saw the return of Hasbro, the global play and entertainment company, as collaborators in Playful Connections 2 - a week long studio for teens interested in developing character designs or toys. Project Open Door (POD) is so grateful to the team of Hasbro designers who each morning and through a series of creative exercises guided the POD teens through the cycle of the design process. In the afternoons and led by POD instructor and designer Christine Enos, the teens developed their own characters and toys while at all times remembering the Hasbro designers' emphasis on the importance of creating a narrative for their character or toy. The week ended with a visit to the Hasbro design studios and with the teens presenting their week's work back in the POD studio. The teens were enthusiastic in their evaluation of the design studio calling it  among other superlatives- INSPIRATIONAL, MOTIVATING, COOL, CRAZY (in a good way!), TIRING, and CREATIVE.


Summer Studio 2017 | Design | Playful Connections 1

On July, 18 Rhode Island high school students explored the creative potential of product design in Playful Connections, a week-long studio collaboration between the global play and entertainment company Hasbro, Inc. and Project Open Door (POD). In morning workshops held in POD's RISD studio, teens learned about the creative process from Hasbro designers, who encouraged them to envision imaginative and ambitious product concepts in afternoon sessions with their POD instructors. Playful Connections is one of a series of initiatives made possible by a new $46,500 commitment from the Hasbro Children’s Fund, the company’s grant-making arm. As Hasbro’s largest grant to date in support of RISD programs, it reinforces the Rhode Island-based company’s interest in nurturing homegrown design talent and contributing to the health of the local economy. The new funding provided scholarships for POD participants Abenda Sohn, a student at Alvarez High School in Providence, and Molly Brown, who attends the Jacqueline M. Walsh School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Pawtucket, to attend RISD’s six-week Pre-College program this summer. Additionally, Hasbro welcomed POD graduates to apply for paid internship opportunities, and Elijah Faris 19 IL, a POD alum now attending RISD interned at the company’s Pawtucket headquarters. In addition, these funds will support Design Discovery sessions during which Hasbro employees will discuss careers in the creative sector with POD teens and their parents or guardians. Hasbro employees are given four hours of paid time off each month to volunteer with organizations and projects that benefit children through Team Hasbro, the company’s volunteer program.

Summer Studio 2016 | Photographic Imaging

In a first for Project Open Door, 2016's Summer Studio "Photographic Imaging" was a collaboration between POD and the College Crusade of Rhode Island. Recognizing the respective institutions' shared goals for advancing teens to higher education a week-long program was co-designed that took participating teens on a exploration of the connections between art, photography and science.Photographer Scott Lapham supported by photographer Jonathan Chamberlain filled the week with creative assignments that invited the 15 teens to explore diverse ways of image making. In one such assignment, after discussing the pioneer work of engineer and photographer Harold Edgerton teens were challenged through experiments with lighting and camera shutter speed to capture the instant a balloon burst!

Summer Studio 2015 | Photography | Persona

Summer Studio 2015 | Design | A Moment in Time

Summer Studio 2014 | Design | Sculptural Lighting 2

Summer Studio 2014 | Painting | Portraiture